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  • a display in a store window

    Sidewalk Patio

    Al fresco dining replete with Santa Monica weather, this is a cluster of several smaller tables.

    Capacity: 12 seated

  • a group of people standing in a dining room table


    Expansive shaded patio dotted with heat lamps and romantically lit by string lights.

    Capacity: 50 - 60 seated

  • a dining room table in front of a window

    Little Bar Table

    Nestled in front of a large picture window, this table is free of heavy foot traffic.

    Capacity: 8 seated

  • a dining room table

    Big Bar Table

    Festive setting at the cherry wood long communal table with direct views of the televisions and bar on one side and the ceiling-to-floor opening of the patio on the other.

    Capacity: 18 seated

  • a dining room table

    Center Round Table

    A lively setting in the middle of the dining room.

    Capacity: 8 seated

  • a dining room table

    Cork Room

    This area offers the quietest setting within the dining room with cork-clad walls and two side by side tables seating 8 guests each.

    Capacity: 16 seated

  • a dining room table

    Entire Restaurant

    Capacity: 99 seated

  • a group of people sitting at a table

    Clark Oswald Private Room

    Our smaller, intimate and playful private dining room surrounded with original artwork.

    Capacity: up to 35 seated